Our Mission


Provide comprehensive innovative Inter-professional primary health care for unattached patients in North Bay


  • Collaboration
  • Participation
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Holistic
  • Integrity


The NBNPLC, through the provision of primary health care services, promotes optimal health for those living with chronic diseases and for families with young children


To enhance primary health care services in North Bay

Strategic Plan

Setting and Monitoring Strategy

The NBNPL Clinic uses a Balanced Scorecard (BSc) framework to set and monitor annual strategic directions.   The BSc is a performance measurement tool focused on generating and measuring results and is aligned with the organization’s vision and mission.  Five quadrants exist within the BSc at the NBNPL Clinic:  Learning & Growth, Internal Processes, Client Benefits, Partner/Stakeholder Satisfaction, and Finances & Resources

Strategic Directions, June 2012 to May 2013 are as follows:

Learning & Growth

    1. Support staff development and growth to meet client needs.

Internal Processes

    1. Manage client waitlists to work towards meeting monthly targets.
    2. Utilize technology to provide useful information for decision making.

Client Benefits

    1. Support and encourage patients to choose healthy living.
    2. Ensure clients report the clinic meets their needs.

Partner/Stakeholder Satisfaction

    1. Build and maintain partnerships that are intentional and deliberate.

Finance & Resources

  1. Prepare current, accurate financial statements every month.
  2. Track Key measures  to assist the clinic in demonstrating “results” – “value for money”


A commitment to continuous quality improvement is the cornerstone of exceptional client services.  The ongoing development and personal growth of staff is the base on which this service is made possible.