Primary Health Care

The clinic team collaborates to provide our clients with comprehensive, evidence-based primary health care. They work together with a focus on health promotion, illness prevention and chronic disease management.


The Management Team

The Smiths Falls NP-Led Clinic is governed by a Board of Directors of nurse practitioners and community members.  The Board looks to the management team to oversee the day-to-day operations of the clinic. 

Brenda is the Nurse Practitioner Lead.  She manages the clinical operations, and Leeann, the Administrative Lead manages the business operations, administrative functions, and is also the Privacy Officer.  Brenda and Leeann both have been working at the clinic since 2012 and look forward to celebrating the clinic’s 10th year anniversary in May. 


We provide our clients with all routine immunizations as recommended by Leeds Greenville and Lanark Public Health, as well as catch up immunizations for adults and children. We also run flu immunization clinics throughout the Fall and Winter months.

Contact Barb or Stephanie: 613-205-1025, ext. 5


Smoking Cessation Program

We offer a pharmacist-led smoking cessation program for clients who would like to stop smoking. This includes assessment, counselling, and prescription and non-prescription methods to help quit smoking, with extensive follow-up and support.

Contact Jane: 613-205-1025, ext. 5

Nutritional counseling

The dietitian provides individual nutritional counseling those who would like help with weight management, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, managing blood glucose levels, and general questions and concerns related to food.

Contact Cassie: 613-205-1025, ext. 5

Counseling services

Confidential individual and family counseling is provided for our clients who are trying to improve their overall health and lifestyle. Issues addressed include anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, relationships, grief and other client identified needs. A Counseling is short term, client- directed and strength- based with the goal of encouraging and promoting skill development in the areas of self-care, wellness and the management of powerful emotions.

Contact Nicole: 613-205-1025, ext.5


The pharmacist offers support to clients to help contribute to health promotion and illness prevention. Consultations and medication reviews are offered to clients, to help prevent and resolve drug-related problems. The pharmacist looks for adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, and makes suggestions regarding medication adjustments, with appropriate monitoring and follow-up.

Contact Jane: 613-205-1025, ext.5

Euclid Telehealth- Eye Disease Assessment

Onsite at the Smiths Falls Nurse Practitioner – Led Clinic twice a month to provide an OHIP covered eye disease assessments.

Ask your Nurse Practitioner for a Referral.  Or you can contact reception if you are interested in a Referral being sent by calling 613-205-1025 extension 5. Click the following link for the criteria SFNPLC- Euclid.

Visit the website below for more details!

Euclid Telehealth website